I am thinking of writing a new story and need help in title and characters


Hello I am thinking of writing a new story. Its about Princess Julienne as she faces problems of running her Kingdom as well as falling in love
Hope you will help me:)


At first I need a title but if I will need I will contact you @Dangrousdiva




What about run away priencess


Its beautiful but I need to see other titles too :wink:




What kind of character do you need


Lovely Princess


Like that of ministers queens empresses


`Run away kindom




Or The Lovely Runaway Princess
Or Princess Problems


far way kidom


All of these are good


I’m good with ideas… lol


Kingdom Affair


is there any more details on the story? i would love to help out but the information you have here is somewhat vauge.


I really base my characters names off of their personality, so for example, my character Mia in a story I’m working on, her name means a wished for child, which has meaning to my story. So I would kinda play around with names, but I’m here to help if you want help discussing these things!


Look guys I’m new to this story thing… but I wanted to write a story on a princess who is made the queen suddenly at the young age of 18. And she has to choose a King. But what happens wgen she falls in love with 3 personalities


How about Runaway Princess?