I am very confused and have a great question to ask!


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I believe it means how many times you and the person viewed it :smile_cat:


No no, even with my closed PM’s due to 500 replies meaning we have opened and closed the PM plenty of times so why doesn’t it says more than such a small number? I don’t get it and I want answers. :no_mouth:


I am pretty sure that admins do not read PMs, from what I know after being into the internet since 1999. So do not worry, I am sure that @Jeremy will second that. :sunglasses:


Actually we read every PM we get. Please note that we are a team and need to keep everyone in the loop.
If you see that there is more than one view it is because the forum team (which consists of more than one person) read your PM or it was simply viewed more than one time. :smiley:

P.S I got you beat and started on the net in 94 and been on different forms of forums/BBS ever since :wink:


Also…since this has been answered and was created in the incorrect sub forum (which breaks the forum rules) I’ll be closing this. Thanks all. :peace_symbol: