I am willing to code a story for FREE (CLOSED)

I am currently not working on any projects so I am free right now. I am willing to code one chapter of a story for 3 people (may vary if I have more time available). I would just code, the overlay making and backgrounds would be selected by the author.

The kind of Coding I can do :

  • I specialize in advanced directing and coding.
  • I am willing to create minigames
  • I am good with zooms, pans etc.
  • I can do tappables etc.

WHat I need in a partner :

  • They should be serious about the story
  • The chapter that I’ll be coding must be new and the script must be ready for me to code
  • The outfits must be already made.

If anyone agrees with the conditions please reply here or pm me.

– Love, Infinity :blob_hearts:


Hello dear, please i would love some help from you :blush::heart:

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hey i would love if u help me for my story :smiley:

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Do you help with ideas & bg as well?

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Well sometimes if I see plot holes and other stuff. But not bgs, that you have to provide

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Heyy Can you help me in coding my story 'cause I have no idea how to do coding and I am willing to publish my story till this month :pleading_face: :blush:

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yes of course

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Thank you so much
How can I come in contact with you?

pm me here or dm me on insta @mis_finite

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I will dm you rn

@Sydney_H can you please close this thread?

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hii can u help me write my story.? You can make a youtube channel tutorials and it will actually help a lot of people who are struggling with coding and stuff

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There are already many youtube channels with coding tutorials on them. Just search Joseph c Evans on YouTube and you will find them. Or just type episode tutorials

Closed by OP request. :smiley: