I am writer, if you need help writing stories or creating characters lmk!

Hi I am a good writer and can help you with story ideas, character development, and styling. Let me know if your interested.


Heyy I might use some help, you got insta?

Hey I was wondering if you would be interested in working with me?

I need help with starting off a story. I have characters , outfits, etc. However when it comes to me writing the story my mind just goes blank :grimacing: . Any tips or advice on how to do a good story introduction?

i could use some help :sweat_smile:
i want to write a romance but I have literally no idea how to start, maybe you could help me :grin:

I would love to help pm me and we can talk.

Yes I would just pm me and I can what I can do.

I would love to help just pm me.

PM me, I can help you :heart:

Hi mysteryepisodewriter I actually need some help writing a story . This would be my very first story and if you can help me that would be really great . Let me know if you would be interested in helping me .

I changed my username but any help you or anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated.

I don’t have instagram nor snapchat but I do have discord and email chats if that will work for you .

Could someone please help me out? I have all my characters and the storyline all planned out. Can someone please help with dialogue and clothes and coding?

i could help with clothing

I need help learning how to code smoothly like writing the story and choice and stuff like that if anyone can help . I have the story line planned out and that kind of stuff as well as some clothing ideas it is just the coding part that I don’t know how to do and need help on .