I am writing a story... Do you want to be in it?

Hi guys, I’m writing a story in LL version! If you would like to be in it just tell me what your charatcer looks like and what you wanna be!

Please tell me your characters details. :heart:

In addition, I am creating a transgender woman who during the story will go through her entire transition from man to woman. So if anyone has more knowledge I would appreciate it very deeply. :heart:

I need:
7 football players
6 cheerladers
12 students
1 princess
4 teachers

For teachers:


brow:round medium
brow color:black dark
hair:medium wavy messy
hair color:dark brown
eyes:male deep sunken
eye color:grey cool
face:triangle chiseled scruffy beard
nose:grecian narrow
lips:medium straight natural
lip color:fair neutral matte

top: victorian vest shirt button up shirt cotton brown tan
pants: ribbed side pants polyester blue navy
shoes: penny loafers ankle socks leather blue navy
accessories: rectangular thin metal grey light cool & minimal rimmed facewatch leather brown


brow:arched thin
brow color:deep brown
hair:long straight loose solid
hair color:brown black
eyes:round medium
eye color:brown black
face:diamond defined contour
nose:pointed downturned
lips:heart shaped pout
lip color:rose gloss

top: casual linen jacket t shirt linen grey warm & sleeveless turtleneck cotton red burgundy
pants: belted jeans denim grey black
shoes: pointed toe high heels pleather grey white
accessories: diamond embedded country chic crystal neutral vanilla


body: neutral01
brow: male generic
brow color: chestnut brown
hair: wavy quiff
hair color: gray
eye: oval wide
eye color: hazel dark
face: chiseled square stubble shaved
nose: aquiline medium
lip: medium straight natural
lip color: fair neutral matte

outfit default
top: victorian vest shirt button up shirt cotton brown tan
pants: ribbed side pants polyester green
shoes: penny loafer ankle socks leather green olive

For students:


body: copper00
brow: round medium
brow color: black dark
hair: messy undercut
hair color: black dark
eye: monolid slender
eye color: ice blue
face: chiseled angular
nose: straight narrow
lip: full heart natural
lip color: fair neutral matte

outfit default
top: swoopneck sleevekess stripe grey white
pants: loose calf belted pants denim blue oxford
shoes: penny loafer ankle socks leather grey black
accessories: beaded leather strapped bracelet leather grey black+neck scarf silk gery black+chest hair black


body: rose 02
brow: male generic
brow color: chestnut brown
hair: medium messy fluffy parted
hair color: chestnut brown
eye: oval wide
eye color: hazel dark
face: chiseled angular
nose: aquiline medium
lip: medium straight natural
lip color: rose light nude gloss

outfit default
top: rolled sleeve jean jacket denim navy blue
pants: plaid belted pants cottoncorn blue navy
shoes: ankle boots lace up leather blue grey
accessories: scar nose bridge 00-03


brow:arched thin
brow color:deep brown
hair:hair flip
hair color:brunette brown
eyes:monolid slender
eye color:ice blue
face:square defined
nose:round button
lips:medium downturned pout
lip color:neutral medium nude gloss

top: cotton red sepia torso
pants:belted jeans denim blue oxford
shoes: ankle buckle boots pleather grey black
accessories: single black band crystal crystal neutral white & woven bracelet metal accents blue denim


brow:straight medium
brow color:strawberry blonde
hair:over shoulder braid
hair color:strawberry blonde
eyes:female generic
eye color:ice blue
face:diamond long
nose:round broad
lips:medium thin
lip color:peach matte

top:cable knit sweater dress wool
pants:belted jeans denim grey black
shoes:quilted studded laceup quilted pattern ankle boots leather black white
accessories:freckles heavy (08-10);(04-07)

my character can be a student

don’t make her do anything bad though

May I know your story name? @Yeye_Cid

The story is called Blue Monday and it is about a boy who discovers that he is able to speak to the gods :heart:


Princess or a cheer leader your wish.

Body : Female athletic, (Neutral 3)

Brow : Arched thick styled (Black dark)

Hair : Hair flip (Brown Black)

Eyes :Generic (Grey cool)

Face : Soft heart

Nose : Defined natural

Lips : Full heart pouty (Rose gloss)

Outfit :

Bottom : Wide Leg Waist High Ribbon Detail Poly Satin White Gold

Top : Ruffled striped sleeve shirt cotton yellow blue

Shoe : Ballet flats leather gold

Tattoo : Birds in flight tattoo…

what her name? :heart:

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Wow, seems like a interesting story

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This seems exciting.

Can I be a cheerleader/princess/or student?
Or football player if we can do that XD

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I want to be a student :cowboy_hat_face:

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I’d like us to be cheerleaders :blush: You can credit me on IG @princesskjx3 if you decide to use my characters :heartpulse:

Cheerleader and football players






Hi there @Yeye_Cid, I’m Sydney the moderator. welcome to the forum!

I’ve moved this thread to Art Resources since you’re asking for character details. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :wink:

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Here you go!
my characters can be cheerleaders since I do cheer in real life

Hi here’s my character details , can I be a princess if I still need, please.

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Thank you very much, an apology, I realized later that I was not in the correct section, but I still don´t understand many things in the forum but I am discovering it.

Thank you very much :heart:

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