I am writing episode 4 of Just Anoter Day Of High School Drama and I don't know how long I should make the episode

How long should I make my episodes? I want them to be long but that takes a lot of work and I don’t know what they would do… Any suggestions?

Maybe 1000-1500 lines


Try doing 1200-1600 If you could, I like to make episodes long…

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Depends on your coding. I recommend not double spacing and keeping the customization choices at a minimum as those can make it so your episodes look longer than they really are.

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Time yourself reading your chapter. I think chapters should take 8-10 minutes to read. I like making super long chapter which usually take about 15 minutes to read. It all depends on personal preference. Go with your gut. If you think it’s too short, add a scene or two! But don’t add any unnecessary bits to make it longer. Find what feels right :slight_smile: hope this helped a bit :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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