I ask you to advise me a story with a plot: from hatred to love


I ask you to advise me a story with a plot: from hatred to love.
I would like the main characters for a long time to treat each other with dislike and recognize each other gradually.
Sarcastic dialogues between the heroes are very welcome!


You probably thought of this already, but thinking of how this scenario would play out in real life helps immensely. I can think of many instances where I disliked a person, but then got to know them better and developed a very lovely friendship with that person.

Perhaps putting a character through a troubling time would help, as many people really need support through these times and are likely to look for it in unlikely places (whether or not they acknowledge that), or people in this case.

Putting characters in situations where they HAVE to be around each other, or better yet interact, is probably a good approach as well too. Maybe try to avoid the “getting paired for a school project with my enemy” cliche though.

Best of luck!


I didn’t quite understand your message …
I’m looking for a story that I could play.
I’m not going to write my story. I’m looking for a story to read.


I would recommend ‘I Despise You’ by Isabella Costa. I don’t want to spoil the story for you, but let’s say although the main characters don’t hate each other at the beginning, they become enemies. The story is really funny and sarcastic as well, so I guess you will like it :slight_smile:


Oh, I apologize. I misunderstood your post. Good luck!


Hey my story is about hate and love :slight_smile:

Check out my story if you like :wink:
TITLE: Good Girl
GENRE: Romance, comedy
AUTHOR: Alexandra Alex
DESCRIPTION: She’s a good girl. He’s a bad boy. She hates him. Hi hates her. He’s the player. She gets played.
Episode: 8 (Ongoing)
Style: Ink
Read for Read: Yes
Instagram: @episode.alexandra.alex


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