I believe there should still be updates on Ink!

ink is discontinued bb. theyre not gonna change that bc of ink fans. :grimacing:


Yhea she knows she’s just saying her opinion lol :joy::sweat_smile:


uh huh… well im just telling her that its not gonna happen :woman_shrugging:

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Yhea I know

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I agree. There should be new updates


also just read this: a part of a statement @Liz posted.

(full: PETITION: More Ink!)

“How is Ink outdated?”

As a mobile platform we have to innovate and update our technology to stay current and competitive. Ink was built on a more technologically advanced system than Classic and Limelight is more advanced than Ink. Each of these art styles is accompanied by an underlying (if behind-the-scenes) technology upgrade allowing our storytellers to do more. These updates also make it easier and faster for us to create more assets. With each new style our artists learn more and are able to improve our production pipelines. Several of the most requested features from our community, like different body types or freckles are simply not easily achievable on our older styles - to move forward we need the freedom to expand and change so we can grow.

A good analogy for this is the development of animated films over time. Early animated feature films were hand drawn as was the standard at the time. Then later on films like Beauty and the Beast or Aladdin started using a combination of hand drawn animations and CGI because that was best tech available at the time. Now films like Moana or Coco are done entirely in CGI, the new standard for animated films.

This is analogous to what is happening with Episode art styles. We don’t stop loving our styles, but we have better tools available to us. Our goal is to always be expanding and updating the underlying technology for our platform to stay current. Our art will always be storytelling, but the tools we use to tell those stories will continue to change and develop.


I know it’s not gonna happen I’m just stating my point of view with all of it :joy:


but like if you know it’s not gonna happen why make a thread about it? we already know ink fans want ink to be updated.

also like no, just no…:


I totally think they should add more updates to ink because some people enjoy that art style just as much as LL

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even though i know ink isn’t gonna get updated i still like it more than LL and the animations are more pleasing to me than LL.


Look I get your stating your view of things, but it’s a waste of a topic because this has been talked about so many times already.

They confirmed why they can’t continue Ink, it’s not because they don’t want too, more of because they can’t.


Join here :grin::ok_hand:t2:

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Moved to Episode Fan Community since this isn’t related to story creation. For more info on why Ink will no longer be updated, please check out Liz’s post: PETITION: More Ink!

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Welcome to the sane side of the INK fans, where you simply state that you WOULD LIKE to see the style continued, yet people tell you that it will not happen even though you are most likely keenly aware of this. Good luck :roll_eyes:

(In their defence though, your post does kind of sound like a petition sksks.)

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if she “would like” ink to be continued, she shouldve said “i wish.” why would you ask for updates when its discontinued and they explain its outdated…?

i mean theres an @ key…


@Ryan can you close this thread.

Hence why I added my note between parentheses, @ girl.

ryan isnt a mod anymore :sleepy:

@Jeremy @Sydney_H


what- nvm lmfao