I bored and wanna do edits 😃

Hey, I’m trying to pull an all-nighter and need something to do, SOOOOOO ima make you guys some edits. :kissing: :v: :heart:


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bump :neutral_face:

I really love your examples so if it’s okay, can I request a Limelight edit?

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Yap what would you like :smiley:

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Okay so
Here’s my deets:

Body: Female Soft Body (Copper 02)
Brow: Straight Medium (Light Brown)
Hair: Wavy Long (Blonde Medium)
Eyes: Deepset Downturned (Blue Green)
Face: Heart Soft
Nose: Round Button Upturned
Lips: Small Heart (Rose Light Nude Matte)

Here’s the outfit:



Surprise me with the theme!
If you need me to specify anything else, please tell me :heart:

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Also sorry it took so long to reply I had to take care of something

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You can edit mine:

I don’t mind what the edit is of

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It’s fine I’ll start rn =)

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what type of edit are you asking for, could you pls choose one of the examples :smiley:

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Here you go :blue_heart: :white_heart:

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I love it so much!
Thank you :heart:

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