I can be your artist 😏

So I’m redoing this since my last one was utter chaos.

Do not try to request things from me on this thread! This thread is to apply so that I can be your artist!

I’m only choosing 1 person and I’ll choose them Wednesday, 10pm EST.

My Art

I can do custom poses aswell and I’m newer to Limelight art. I do not plan to do male art but I’ll occasionally accept a few.

Do not steal or use my art without permission!



Art Scenes

Drawn Splashes

Edited Backgrounds


You must fill out this form :point_down:t4:

Click here :blush:

Let me know that you filled out the form or else your form will be rejected!

People who wanted to be tagged:


If you have any questions pm me. I also forgot to put on the form but let me know like at least 1 week before you need something if I choose you to work for :revolving_hearts:

I’ve filled out the form!

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Ty :two_hearts:

@EdwardNorton thanks for filling out the form. Please read more carefully for the next time I do this. :revolving_hearts:

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I have filled out the form :slight_smile:

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Thank you :purple_heart:

Then does that mean it was rejected? Or can I fill it out again?

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Well I’m not gonna reject your request and you don’t have to fill it out again. It’s more of me being aware of how much people pay attention when I make posts and so they get all the information and stuff.

Ok. I’m sorry.

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Np and plus I’m not the type of person to just yeet someone’s request :joy: I just put that up to prove a point I guess :purple_heart:

when the question says forum do I have to create a forum

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No. It just asks for you forums name since I don’t know who’s filling out the form

oh ok

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I filled out the form. Thank you for the opperunity.

Good luck to everyone else!

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Ty :two_hearts:

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I’ve filled the form in

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Ty :sparkling_heart:

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I’ve filled the form out!

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Thanks :heartpulse:

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