I can be your personal artist or story artist 🎉

I’ll decide tomorrow maybe or thursday. I really need to manage time better :joy::sparkling_heart:

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Take your time, I’m in no rush, to be honest, I’m just starting the second chapter as :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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When you say art scenes you mean for your story so you would want me to be your story artist?

How many art scenes would you think you’d need? (Like are you doing an art scene every 5 chapters for example) Just questions to see how working with you would be.

In honesty, I’m not sure… It’s just when there is something important in the scene, so in chapter one I only had originally thought about 2 but my friend helped me see that 1 was best because it was a shortish chapter

I haven’t even started writing chapter two yet, so I’m still not sure yet.

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I think an art scene in the first chapter isn’t a good idea because it’s the beginning. Overall I think an entire story should have at most 5.


I’ve never had art scence before so it’s all new to me.

The first chapter is important thought

i.e. how they meet

If you want, I can send you the link and you can decide for yourself.

I just get my friends advice

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I mean. Is the first chapter an introduction? Art scenes are for very dramatic parts so I’m not gonna knock you if you feel that :two_hearts:

I really don’t know, the first chapter is how they meet and he saves her, but I don’t do if it needs it or just needs a narration

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I’ve never seen an art scene in the first chapter since its usually to give backstory and stuff.

My backstory for the characters, doesn’t really happen in chapter one as such, it happens throughout Chapter 1-10

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Chapter One is saving her and introducing some characters

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I can’t remember what date I said but Friday is the day I choose. :sparkling_heart: Friday, April 26th 2019 at 10pm EST.

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hey alana when are choosing agian i forgot sorry lol :love_you_gesture:t5::star_struck::kissing_heart::pizza:

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Np and I’m almost done with all my requests but I wanted to give other people more time to submit :purple_heart:

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what is the difference between personal artist and story artist

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As a personal artist you can ask me to make outlines for your outline contest, pfps, art feedback, etc. As your story artist I’d help you with anything art in your story like art scenes and feedback etc.

This is the full list.

If you want me as your personal artist:

  • Profile Pictures
  • I can make outlines for you if your having and outline contest
  • I can give you art feedback/tips
  • I can make you 2 edits of you and a friend of your choice

Their are other things you can ask :purple_heart:

If you want me as your story artist:

  • I can make you art scenes
  • Character Edits
  • Intros and Outros
  • I’ll read your story and give you feedback

Once again you can ask for other things.

I’m going to update the form later today because I left out some things :sparkling_heart:

So here’s the form and let me know when your done filling it out. Limelight isn’t a style that I can draw in that well btw.

My Limelight art is still new and Ink is my goto style. If you want me to draw in Limelight you’ll have to give me more time and less requests :confused:

If you already requested earlier it’s recommend to fill out the form although it isn’t required.