I can code your Episode Story for you!

Hello everyone!

Since I have nothing else to do for a while, I want to help people with their stories! I am a professional Episode coder, and that’s why I will ask some money for my work, but we will work out the price together!

If interested, PM me!
Alternatively, you can hit me up at my Instagram @universal_matondo
Thank you!


I am a armature author my problem is I struggle with the coding aspect of episodes. I’d be more than happy to pay for the help!

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I was wondering if the offer for help was still available? Because I am in some desperate need of some coding help

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Hello there!

Thank you for your reply, do you have an Instagram? If yes, please message me @universal_matondo. If not, please pm me! Thank You!

Hi !
Yes, the offer is still available. We can work out everything either in Instagram or in Private Messages here on the forum. You can message me on insta at @universal_matondo.

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You can message me on Instagram: @m.c.m_31. I can respond on insta faster, but whichever you prefer is fine with me. I followed you on Insta and dropped you a dm.

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I am interested in your services, I have the episodes already type out and clothing / creativity already made. I just need help with the coding because I been busy and don’t have the time to do it myself. Please PM me your rates.

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I’m interested! I dmed you on insta. @auri.episode

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I am Interested

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Hello, you can DM me on Instagram at @universal_matondo, you can also just PM on the forums.

i dmed you and never replied


Right, my apologies. I just replied to it.

Great! Then please message me on Instagram at @universal_matondo. Alternatively, you can reach me here on the forums with a private message!


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