I can do Art covers

Hello ! I can do art covers for you guys i’m really good at it i would rate myself a 8 out of 10 if you need your art covers done just tell me ill do is asap :wink:


Do you have any examples of past covers you have made? :slightly_smiling_face:

yes i do i have some that are not all the way finished but i can show you

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I have a story that needs a cover for, think your up to the challenge? :sweat::roll_eyes:

Sure yeahh just give me details about your people and your story

Hey, do you think you could do a art cover for me?

yes of course just give me details of your story and your people

It’s about Vampires, kinda. A boy (details: Fair skin, Square Jaw, spiked up hair (Blond), medium sharp (brow), Round gentle eyes (sky blue), strong nose, and a small round tanis pinkish lip) (human) wakes up a pure blooded vampire from her eternal sleep . She makes him her slave. She basically inslaves him. Falls inlove and finds out he’s a hunter. One destined to kill her. She is light skin, head is diamond, bleach wave hair (dark brown), brows are seductive round, downturned natural (purple) eyes, soft natural nose, Blossom Lips (dark red).

what type of ink is this ? also tell me how do you want the background to look

I’m not sure what ink it is, I just started it on my phone (didn’t give me options). And for the background I really don’t have an idea.

Ok i will try my best and this is gonna take a long time i’ll try to do it as fast as i can

K thanks! So my story is about a 17-year girl (long feathered hair (deep brown), diamond face shape, arched natural eyebrows (also deep brown), round downturned wide eyes (stormy grey), small nose and full heart lips. And she has some internal problems but she can’t express them well, also this is Episode Limelight.

Thank you. And there is no rush. But thank you soo very much :pray::pray::pray:

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How would you like the background to look and do you want her in any type of pose thats on episode ?

I forgot to ask how would you like her/him to pose ?

Could you do her in a glass case (instead of a rose) with her kneeling on the ground crying?

Honestly I don’t have a slightest clue. Could I possibly ask you to surprise me?

@DIAMOND4, For your own sanity I would consider creating a Google Form or something to keep all this organized, in the case that your cover thread gets swamped like the others. :smiley:

You’re totally right thanks ill try to get started on that :blush:

Yes sure whatever you think is great ill do it :smiley: