I can do art for you :)

I’m bored
Send me details if you need art

hi cn i see some of ur examples

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This wasn’t a request but my entry for a contest :joy:
It was my first drawing since I usually do edits

Let me send you the details

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My story is a bout a girl who takes her fathers buisness of a gang called the cobra gang and the enemy of the cobra gang starts to fall in lve with he but they dont know that they are both eneyms. The story is called True love is bogus! I was hoppig you can make me a coer with a blurry background, and the two charcters hold gun towards eachothers, and the guy is smirking and the gurl is winking but they are holding hands with there free hand. can u try to make it kinda look like this style plz? and can you put the story name at the bottom by Haya Siam !I would like a large and small cover plz and this link is how i wpuld like the style maxresdefault|690x388

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Skin tone: Olive

Hair: Straight

Hair color: Black

Eyes: Upturned bold

Eye color: Pine

Eye brows: Medium Curved

Nose: Upturned

Face shape: oval

Mouth: full round

Mouth color: Bordeaux


Skin tone: Olive

Hair: Short cropped hair

Hair color: Black

Eyes: Classic round

Eye color: Blue

Eye brows: Thick arch

Nose: Button

Face shape: Defined Triangle

Mouth: Uneven

Mouth color: Blush


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