I can do some story/cover art... kinda (I'm pretty fast)


So I do art occasionally. I’m not the best at digital art, but I think it’s pretty goooood.
I can make a cover or a simple art scene for a story, maybe a warning or something similar idk depends on what you ask for
Imma just put some examples here, I’ve only ever done my own art so I’m new at this.
Some good some not so good
If I make you something please give me credit using freakish._.trash (it’s my Instagram)

Story cover art

omg, can you help me T.T with my cover small and big


sure what do you want?


Well, my cover is about a bitches family, there are 5.

Emma Roberts, Tiffany Roberts và Allison Roberts, with their parents, Ms.Christina and Mr.Kevin

so I will give you my 5 character with their animation, and can you place them in front of the big mansion and the title will be -"The Roberts Want To Say “Hi”


Okay I’ll see what I can do


So I will give you my 5 character right?


sorry if I don’t know, is the first time I’m sign on the forum


yeah, and maybe the mansion you have in mind


Just wondering if you’re still sending the characters


I am, just check again







If you could rotate some character face in left (5 of them face right) then I would be happy too.

and here the mansion


that’s all ^^

and can you add the title The Roberts Family Say “Hi” okay
thanks youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


you’re welcome


You’re so good :scream:


Can u do a small and big cover for me for my story Mars


Thank you


I’ll message you later when it finish what I’m working on now


Wow your work is amazing! If you don’t mind, could you please make me a cover? I understand if you are too busy :grin:


I’ll message you about your cover when I can


Thank you :heart: