I can give you covers with no credit needed!


If you need covers for your story, send me the story name and the pictures of the characters in the pose you want them in. I will then create it. It may take a few minutes. (Up to 10). (i can only make medium cover art.)
Requirements needed to get a cover:

  1. Your story name

  2. The background you want it to be

  3. Send pictures of your characters in their poses.

If I do not reply within the span of 2 hours then I am either asleep or out with my family.


Is it okay if I have a custom background or is it only episode ones?


Story title: Forever
Characters in poses:


I am so sorry for keeping you waiting, but I will start working on it now.


what do you want the background to be


Is it okay just to have it a brick wall with some graffiti?


Its okay :slight_smile:


Sure! I’ll start working on it immediately


Thank you! :smiley:


How is this:


Thats awesome! Thank you!


No Problem.


I still don’t know why it makes the gray corners around the picture, but I can try to fix that.


I tried to make one of my own but it was not great :frowning_face: Could you make something similar for me?


That was my attempt.

I’m a new user so I can only post one image at a time. I will post the characters below.

Thank you!





Sure thing!


Yay! Thank you so much!


How is this:


Great! Thank you so much!