I can help make write stories!

Anyone want someone to help write there stories? I know a lot of people get bored while making there stories cause trust me I do. But I can help write stories! Im good with Romance and Comedy and Drama and horror and I can do both Limelight AND Ink!


I’ll keep this in mind :blush:

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I’m just about to go to bed but I do need help with all my stories as I am writing a number of different stories at the one time

Could I message you back tomorrow morning or you messaged me and see if you can help me out?

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Of course! You mind work just like mine I have a lot of stories I’m working on now to. Also we might have different times😂. Right now for me it’s 6:33 but I stay up late so when ever just message me I’m always laying around!

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It’s 11.30pm for me

Thank you so much

I’m hoping to write a series of stories although I’m scared people won’t read it :frowning:

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It’s alright love, I wrote a story just to be fun and thinking no one would read it

44 reads no matter what someone’s gonna read it!

Moved to Find a Writing Partner since you’re offering to help with story writing. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics, and feel to PM me if there are any questions. :wink:

I’ve already made my story but just got done with the first episode my Instagram is moonlight.episode1. If ur a coder u can help me code. I need back ground characters i need help placing the characters in the right spot. FYI I’m still highly new at making stories and im still trying to learn everything as much as I can. Contact me threw Insta if you can help me. That would be great if u can.

Hi, uhm I need some help with my story because I’m still pretty new to writing stories on episode and I was wondering if you could help me?

I can help!

Also my insta is; lelaiiepisode so if your interested!

Hi! Uhm… I’m not really good with background characters. So maybe ask

But I can coding and placing characters in the right spot!

Really, thank you so much!

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I have started my first would you be able to help me please

Hello, I’m in a need of a writer for my Story. A.S.A.P ! The Story is not finished yet! But I dont have the Time and the expirience to write the story on my own… So I am looking for someone who wants to write the story for me… of course you get credits. I’m also looking for some Artist for the special scenes. If you’re interested than DM me or write me on IG : @roseofgold_episode . Thanks

Can you help me write my stories and it is about two women’s writing a poem, getting discover by a book agent and going on a book tour.

How do u make your story’s x