I can help with outfits and writing

If any of you are in need of someone to give you critique on writing, or if you need help making outfits for your characters, I’m here to help! I can’t code, so please don’t ask me for that, but I can help with almost anything else.

I’m interested!!!

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Great! What can I help you with?

I need help with story ideas and character ideas, I’m sick of always using the same character looks for every story I make and I want to make something new:) also do u know how to make art scenes ?

I don’t know how to make art scenes, but I can definitely help you with the other stuff!

That’s fine! I do need help with story ideas though :slight_smile:

Do you have insta or something so we can chat?

Yup! It’s bewitching_white_rose

I would need help with outfits!

Great! I can totally help!

I’ll dm u right now!

i need help with an outfit!!

Perfect! I can totally help!

ok so my character is in medieval times and is a kid like 10 years old but i have no more ideas

Alright so there’s a purple dress in the dresses category, it’s the off the shoulder one. That seems like a good choice for this girl since it’s not one of the more scandalous dresses on there. It’s fabric looks pretty thick.

sorry i forgot to mention its a boy

Alright so the outfit I made seems like it would be pretty good for this. The top is called “stand collar shawl frilled sleeves silk navy blue” the bottoms are called “cat suit studded pants pleather raven blue” and the footwear is called “cuffed boots leather olive green” trust me on this, I think it’ll work great.

can you change the top he is only 10

How about you try the top being “starry robe chiffon grey black”?