I Can help With your storys

Hey every one i know There is a lot of you out There that needs help With your storys ore errors on your story i Can help With everthing
Directing, choices, advance choices, zooms, Advance zooms and so on so pm me If you need help

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Hey if anyone needs a coder i can help

I need some major help, if you’re willing…

I am all in what spesific kind of coding is it you need and


YES! because that’s what i am best at, at the styles
so what should i do??

I’m unclear. What do you mean, what should you do? I still want to code my story, but I’m still fairly new to this. Right now, I’m having issues with my overlays…

So should i help you when you have questons/problems with something on episode?

Yeah, that’ll work for me…I might be bothersome, lol
Will that be okay for you? Or were you looking to code like a full story for someone??

It’s alright when i started i had SO MANY questions two

I REALLY appreciate it…so here’s the problem I’m running into now:

Here’s the full line:
INT. WRITER.LB_RESTAURANT with WRITER.LB CHAND OL to 0.586 -41 349 in zone 2 with WRITER.LB TABLE OL to 2.008 -53 333 in zone 2

Now, I’m trying to get it to a certain area. I see the chandelier overlay but it’s in the wrong zone & in the wrong spot.
I read Dara’s guide to overlays & it’s still wrong…please help! Lol…

Ooh no it isn’t it’s just because the background still is in reweiew that can take some days before you can sent it out but yesterday there has been someisues so it can take weeks now
You can still preweiew and stuff and write further but you cant sent them out right now

Well, no I know that…but I should still be able to preview it in the previewer…right??

yes why isn’t it??
WEll THEN YOU need to save what you have made go out and in again

Hey guys if anyone needs a coder pm me

Is there anyone who needs a coder?

Yeah i would love a coder it is so hard to keep trying to look things up

Okay so how would you like me to help you?

This is my first time trying to write on Episodes and I’m just figuring things out. I would love to know how to put characters in a car and have a moving back ground, or even just have the car stationary. Also how to sit characters on chairs, behind desk or on beds. I’ve worked out how to change clothes and some kind people have posted free kissing templates but the above I have not managed to find any that work.
Also I was wondering, for furture references if you either know how or can point me in the right direction of some free templates that show how to allow the reader to customise their own characters, just incase they do not like my stars hehe.

I Can help you With it all

Ok first thing If you want a moving background make sure the name “looping” is in the tittle then you know it moves.

Many of your other questions have actually a lot to do With overlays. If you don’t know What a overlay is ore how to use it a overlay is a picture you ore episode Can make There is lot of different pictures you Can use. Many of them is actually fx. Desks, chairs, cars…

If you want a bed fx you need to have a bedbackground and then you need to have a blanket/cover overlay so you Can have characters under the blanket/cover If you understand.

I am gonna sent you a link in 2sec. Of someone who is really Good to explain how to use overlay. I Can make you a kissing template but it is really easy you just need to know how to use spot directing.

If you wanna learn how to get a overlay as fx a car to move search on youtube If you need me to say some Good tutorial videos DM me.

I am also senting you a custimizesing template in 2sec…