I can help you with creating outfits and Characters! 💖 (LL females only)

(Can anyone please tell me to which category I should add this, because I don’t know? :sweat_smile:)

So I know that for someone creating Characters and outfits in their stories is the best part just like for me, but I also noticed that for some people it’s not that easy or they don’t enjoy that as much as I do, so that’s why I created this thread :slight_smile:

So all you need to do is to ask what kinds of outfits do you want to see, (for summer, for winter, for prom, for school, for work) basically everything you need, I will post 3 for each kind :slight_smile:

And for Characters you can ask as much as you like, also you can and their personality (rude, kind, nice, shy, nerd, bad) :slightly_smiling_face:

(No credit needed)

You can add what you would like to see right now, but I’ll start completing everything from friday :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


HI can you help me? I’m too lazy to create outfits for my MC :joy: and every chapter at least I need to add mini dressing game. It’s for school outfit

Sure what kind of outfits do you want? :heart:

School outfit, and can you make it fancy?
My MC is a rich girl in the story hehe here’s her info plus she’s so girly

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How many do you need?

I need 3 per episode, can you be my personal stylist? I’ll credit you every episode pleaseeee. I’ll ask 3 outfit/week

Ofc, I would love to! :heart::sparkling_heart: