I can help you with your story!

Hey guys! My name is Faith and I am an author on episode!
I am here to give guidance and advice on writing. Coding, plot ideas, grammar, etc. if you need someone to proof read I am also here for that, someone to give a shoutout R4R I am also here for that. I know there is a lot of authors who are willing to do this and I want to make clear I am one of them.
There is a thing such as constructive criticism where you give honest feedback on a story. It’s not to be rude or discourage the author but to give advice to help you grow. There is a difference between giving honest opinion versus calling someone’s work stupid and making them feel bad about it.
No writing plot is stupid. It may need some tweaks and I’ll offer suggestions but my advice is only to help make your work better. If you don’t want my advice and don’t want to follow it that’s okay.
Ive been on episode for five years now with six books published and a million reads in total. I also been writing since I was twelve before episode. I may not be a very popular author on episode but I have the same wisdom as any other big author on here.

I encourage you come to me if you need any help.

My Instagram is faith_author and I would rather you reach out to me on there instead of here unless you don’t have social media it can be here.

If you are another author who feels you can help younger and newer authors then please introduce yourself on this thread and tell a little about yourself and social media like I did.



I would love if you gave rough truthful criticism on my story :blush:

Hit me up on my Instagram faith_author

This might help me with my story!

hii i need help.

i used dara’s cc template and all was fine but it shifted up somehow and blocks my characters face… now i have to shift her up more but it just looks awkward, is there a way around it?

I’m also willing to give advice on episode stories and proofreading
I’m new in the forums but I’ve been on episode for about 5 years and have a decent following bc of my recommended list.
I’ll read any genre but my favorite is fantasy.
I’m currently writing my first story Paint Me as a Villain which is supposed to be a bit different that some other fantasy stories on the platform.
I like making my projects unique and detailed so if anyone would like help/advice such as:
- coding
- plot
- character development
- cover/ art
- description
- proofreading

Message me on here or on IG: Mirwren.writesepisode
(I’m hoping to get my story out soon so stay tuned!)

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