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Hi!! So, I’ve used the create your own character template on the Writer’s Portal, and I’ve done it so you can type your own name, but when I put the code [FIRSTNAME] into the script, it comes up as “Unexpected CHOICEPARAMS:” How do I make it work?

Okay, so can I have a screenshot of the error message please?

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I’ll try, thanks

OK, which keys do you press to take a screenshot? I’ve watched some videos online but I haven’t got the keys on my laptop. I understand that I sound like a noob for this but thanks for helping xDD

Okay so if you go to the start button you could type to find something called “the snipping tool” you could use that to take easy screenshots.

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Finally managed to do it xDD

how to change the colour of the speech bubbles and choice buttons?

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There seems nothing to be wrong in the script to be honest. And well I’m no episode pro. Sorry but I couldn’t figure out what’s wrong…

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Thanks for helping, anyway

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Okay so if you want the speech bubble color to change then there’s really only one way to do that and that is by changing the title to “Mean girls” Or “Demi Lovoto” So I’ll link a video cause it’ll be waay easier then trying to explain the entire thing here.

And you’re second concern was to change the choices buttons well that can be done with a simple script change:
For a gold choice do this:

< PREMIUM>“put choice here and continue normally”{
write you’re choices commands here

For Dark blue choice then do this:

< SPECIAL>“put choice here”{
continue scripting

For locked choice:
< LOCKED>“put choice here”{
continue choice script

Those are the only colors and modes I know. Hope it helped. :slight_smile:


Did you add FIRSTNAME to the display name box of the character?

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thank you episode afra

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What do you mean? The character the name is given to is called You, but when you type in their name it says:
&YOU enters from left to screen center
So… what’s your name?
label first_name_input
input What’s Your First Name?|What’s Your First Name?|Done(FIRSTNAME)
if (FIRSTNAME is “”) {
You do need a name…
goto first_name_input
} else {

No problem, glad to be of help and don’t hesitate to ask for more help :slight_smile:

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Yea, all that is good but when you create the character YOU and then added the script template, then you gotta go back to the character customization and add FIRSTNAME to the display name.
I added a pic for better description

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Ah, thanks for your help xDD

NP, let me know if it works out

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I’ve just tried it and it comes up with the same error