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Ok, let me look into the info you’ve provided again
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how to remember choices?

I suggest you watch this video.

Okay! I’ve solved it and you’re gunna laugh at how small the error is :sweat_smile:

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What xDD Btw thanks

Capitialize the W in “we’re”

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how to animate car overlays?

Hey, I’ve been looking for ages for full character customisation and I just can’t find it in the ink style. I had it before but I then scrapped the story and started anew but thanks to the new episode forums I can’t find where I got the template from, could you possibly help please?

Here’s a video
I personally think that videos are easier then explaining everything :grin:

i am sorry i cant understand it…
can u plz explain? :sweat_smile:

Yeah I’ll explain it for you wait a sec

thanks! i found nice ppl …

Episode has made Script Templates that help with customization. They’re on the right side of the desktop. If you click on the option Avatar - Female or Avatar - Male a small insert will appear on your script with a white double sided arrow, click on the arrow and you have your customization template done
(Pics provided)

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Thanks! You saved me so much time!

Glad I could help

can you tell me how to get that notification like thing which pops up while reading an episode like " chloe will remember this"?

So to make a car actually work you need something called a “looping background” so go find one of those and insert it into your script and then add the background with the car overlay so for example:


Then place the characters you want on screen
@CHARACTER stands screen left AND CHARACTER faces right (something like this) (but make sure they are standing the way you want them to sit in the car)

Then open up your phone/tablet and use spot directing to direct them into the car and then copy the numbers and replace them with the positions. (Its a bit more complicated and advanced)

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thanks !!! sooo much!!!

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And to get the notification you gotta pop up a reader message and the code is really easy its just:

readerMESSAGE Chloe will remember this

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