I can make a cover for you! {FOR FREE!}


Hello guys!

I just wanted to help some authors that are struggling to get some cover done for their story.
I’m not an expert, so PLEASE don’t be rude.

There are certain rules that you should respect!

  1. Send me a small sumarize about your story ( the background you would like to have, is it romance, drama?) Tell me the name of your story
  2. Send me the characters details (I need a screen shot of the characters with a white background) please, so it will save me time and I can send you your cover earlier.
  3. Don’t request from other threads to other person to do you a cover please. :slight_smile:
  4. Don’t say it’s you who did the cover and give me a credit.
  5. USE THE COVER, if you don’t want to use it then don’t ask me to do you a cover , it’s a waste of time!!!

I can do some covers for the warnings (mature themes and strong language) or the : this story uses sound, I also make a cover that says: Follow me on Instagram for exemple and I also make a cover for a story!

Note that one cover can take 1h-2 days max :slight_smile:

Kisses <3


Here is one exemple that I did today, I did it super fast, so if I take my time to do it , the cover would be better!!


can I get a cover


Sure, can you send me here the details of the kind of cover you want? :slight_smile:




It should say chapter 1

here the character


So basically, you want a kind of intro when the story starts? What kind of text (style) and colour :slight_smile: would you like?


text color is purple


i want the kind of intro when the story starts


And what kind of style text would you like ?


any kind you pick


Alright! It should be ready soon. :wink:


thank you:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


Np! :smiley:


Hi! Here is your cover. If you need to change something please tell me! :slight_smile: Hope you like it!


thank you so much


what do you use


Your welcome!:kissing_heart: I used canva :blush: and please don’t forget to give me a credit in your story ( my name is) salice.episode :sparkles:


hello! your covers are amazing, and they inspired me to attempt to attempt to create my own. I was just wondering, how do I get a png of my/a episode character? Thank you (:


hello, how did you get a png of your episode character?