I can make a special art scene & cover arts

I can make special art scene and cover arts for your story.
If you are willing… just send me your story informations…
Your character’s picture
their background
& some details about special scene
#adventure #love #horror
cover art
your characters picture
your expectation IMPORTANT:wink:
Your story title
If you are willing send me the informations to
tk.arts.episode@gmail.com only



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Moved to Resources section as that’s where art requests/exchanges live! :v:t2:

Can you make one for me?? I need a cover art that shows two girls (one tan, long blond hair, sundress. The other pale, dark medium straight hair, black clothes), being goofy but cutely (theyre a couple). My story is called “I Kiss Girls” read it if you need more information about how they look and stuff

Hi im in need of an art scene do you mind making my one