I can make a special art scene & cover arts


I can make special art scene and cover arts for your story.
If you are willing… just send me your story informations…
Your character’s picture
their background
& some details about special scene
#adventure #love #horror
cover art
your characters picture
your expectation IMPORTANT:wink:
Your story title
If you are willing send me the informations to
tk.arts.episode@gmail.com only


Hey, I seen your last post and you were charging $2. I hope if someone emails you you don’t try charging them.




Moved to Resources section as that’s where art requests/exchanges live! :v:t2:


Can you make one for me?? I need a cover art that shows two girls (one tan, long blond hair, sundress. The other pale, dark medium straight hair, black clothes), being goofy but cutely (theyre a couple). My story is called “I Kiss Girls” read it if you need more information about how they look and stuff