I can make awesome speacial art scene


I can make special art scene and cover arts for your story.
If you are willing… just send me your story informations…
Your character’s picture
their background
& some details about special scene
#adventure #love #horror
cover art
your characters picture
your expectation IMPORTANT:wink:
Your story title
If you are willing send me the informations to
Karthikarain7@gmail.com only


Just stopped by to say it looks amazing…:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Let you know when need something… :wink::wink:


Hey your work looks great!
And thankyou for doing this.
Can you please do me a special scene?
Here are the details
Characters and their outfits


Can you make them hold hands like this couple?

Again thank you so much for doing this!


that is so good!! Im looking for people to do some special art scenes, and you seem perfect! You able to do it? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah can you mail me the information… so I can easily check your request😄


Hi! These look very amazing!!
I was wondering if you can make an art scene for my story? :blush:




These look beautiful you are a talented artist!!! If you are still are doing this could I make a request for my story??


Are you taking requests here on the forums or only email?


@karthika11 you are very talented you should maybe enter this contest Fun In The Sun ART SCENE CONTEST!