I can make backgrounds for you. Just ask

Hi, I can make for you backgrounds.
All you have to do is mention me in the story where you will use my backgrounds.

Just ask and describe the type of backgrounds, how it will have to look and etc.

And I will send you your backgrounds.

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Hi, do you have any examples?

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Yes, right now I’m working on another background, I make them with an app and I draw them on my own or I take a photo. I’m working on a open fridge.

Here’s are some example:

This is a shower.

Done on my own.

And others…

Can you make a cyber themed bedroom with these.
Cctv camera
Wall tv
Computer desk
Stack of hard drives

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Give me some time and I will send to you your background!:blush:

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Can I have a room where models would get ready? I would like it to include: a rug, clothing rack, a little table, and a tv. Can the room be grey and white with a light pink, blue, or purple.

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Okay, I will send it to you when it will be ready.

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Thank you

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Excuse me @Oreste_Jackson, do you want the entire wall to be a big Tv?

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@Mya.writes this is your background.
Do you like it or do you want me to change something?

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I like it, thank you! :blush:

@Mya.writes can you please give me credit in your story? ,I’m kendycrush.

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Hi! @kendycrush Can you make me a prison cell?
With 2 beds, on each side of the background.
And another one, but like we are in there and on front of our cell it is another cell! (without the grids) Sorry if I didn’t express myself that well! I’ll also make sure I credit you!

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@Hailey209 yes I understand very well!
I will send it to you as soon as possible!

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I need some burning/collapsed buildings :blush:
Hotels etc

and also a communication office area (911 dispatch centre) with computers and phones. something like this

Do you want 2 different background?

  1. The burning house etc.
  2. The office of 911
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yes please and a collapsed building, oo and an after result of an earthquake if you can :smiley: