I can make character cards

Ok so, I made character cards for all of my characters in my story and I thought I could take requests for them. :two_hearts:
You can request a maximum of 2 unless you read my story The Silver Legacy : Golden Crowns http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5260119670718464

Here are some examples


And here is the form to fill out


Character name -
Character details
Picture of character (in the pose that you want them in) -
A colour scheme -



Heyy I would like a character card.


Name - Evelyn
Body - Female Generic
Skin - Rose 02
Hair - Over Shoulder braid
Hair colour - Dark Brown
Eyes - Deepest Downturned
Eye colour - Ice Blue
Face - Heart Defined
Nose - Defined Natural
Eyebrow - Arched Thin High
Lips - Full Heart Pouty
Lip Colour - Peach Gloss
Outfit - (Any Black dress and boots)


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Thank you, I’ll get this done for you soon :two_hearts:

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Hey i would to request 2 character card if possible
(An outfit and a character on)

Character name - Jess
Character details -


BODY: Female athletic
SKINETONE: Neutral 3
BROWS: Arched natural scar
BROW COLOUR: Dark black
HAIR: Princess braid
HAIR COLOUR: Blonde medium
EYES: Female generic
EYE COLOUR: Aqua blue
NOSE: Defined natural
LIPS: Full round pouty
LIP COLOUR: Pink peach medium matte

Picture of character (in the pose that you want them in) - flirt_lookawy_bashful (the smirk part)

A colour scheme - silver/ gray/ black


Clothes Used

Booties Ankle Leather Black

Ripped Shorts Denim Oxford Blue

Scar Eye Left (08-10)

Dragon Sleeve Tattoo Solid

Compas Rose Leg Tattoo Ink Multi Color

Lace Sleep Bralette Lace Grey Black

I hope you can do this !

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I’ll get this done for you as soon as possible :blush:

Thank you!!! :blush: :blush: :blush:

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Hey, here are your character cards :blush:

Character Cards

I hope you like them :two_hearts:

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Hey, here is your character card :blush:

Character Card

I hope you like it :two_hearts:

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I love it girl thxxxπŸ’œ

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thank you so much i love it !

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Np :blush:

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