I can make cover art and splashes in the next 10 - 15 minutes - Edits, backgrounds, overlays and art scenes coming soon

Hi everyone I’m Chesirekitten101 and as you can see I do art so I’m here today to put my art on display and also help people in need of covers and splashes. When you read this post please share with your friend. I want to help as much people as possible.
If you want it drawn I cant do it because I’m still learning but maybe in the future

No drama
Be nice and kind
Don’t be afraid to say you don’t like it
Don’t hesitate to get a redo
You may order as many times as you want from this thread
When asking me please don’t stress me I have to deal with my life as well as your requests
I am not obliged to give you your requests - if you are too rude I won’t give you your request but apart from that enjoy yourself

If you want a splash fill out this form

How many splashes do you want
When do you need it
What do you want it to say
Which type of of splash - Example - Turn up your music , Mature themes. Episode 1 2 3 4 etc, Social Media etc

If you want a cover fill out this form
When do you need ?
Name of story ?
Description ?
Characters ?
Outfits ?
Author of story ?
Genre ?
Mood of cover ? Happy , sad , dramatic etc
When do you want to publish ?
Deadline ?
Ink or Limelight :

Is it possible to see some examples from you???

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Her examples are in her other thread which is in here:

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ok I really need a alrge and a small cover if you can manage it.
today or tmrw,
Cursed Love
Two very diffrent sisters fall in love with one guy, one sister is crazy and fast acting while the other is calm sweet and lovable
Drama, Love
next week
again next week

Hey! Can I get a cover?
Can I get it possibly in the next four days?
Story is called “The Gang Leaders”
Description: Autumn gets taken by a group of gang leaders. Will she be able to survive?
Face: diamond
Skin tone:light
Lips:small round light
Eyes: deepset piercing blue
Hair: spiked black
Clothes: black shirt with tie
Eyebrows: just the on fleek ones idk what they’re called lmaoo

Face: soft heart
Skin: light
Lips: classic (light)
Nose: soft natural
Eyes: upturned bold green
Hair: beach wave black
Clothes: black fancy dress
Eyebrows: seductive round

Author: Jenny Ouellette

Genre: action

Mood: wanting to fight, action packed, anger

Story is already published but yeah

Deadline: 4 days from now

**can you make the characters both have guns, they are back to back, and are ready to shoot some ppl? Thank you so much.

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I would like one splash!
I have no deadline - I don’t plan to publish my story until at least this fall.
1.) Warning [below] This story uses extreme language and mature themes.
It is a Mature themes warning.

Thank you so much for doing this!

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I would be more than glad to do your splash art

Great, thank you so much!

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Its my pleasure.

Is it in INK or LIMELIGHT please

Its ink

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Hw do you know?

the deatils of the characters

Thanxs you saved me there


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Do you want it drawn if yes I cant

No you don’t have to draw it

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Im working on your right now and you want the girl to wear a fancy dress