I can make cover art for you

Which one do you like better and would you like any changes?

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Title: Power Of A Broken Soul

Author: Hannah

Characters: Chase-male character / Sierra- female character


Body: Male (fair)
Mouth: uneven (blush)
Nose: button
Eyes: classic round (white)
Eyebrows: medium sharp
Face: defined triangle
Hair: short cropped hair (black)

OUTFIT: ripped punk pants, tank top (navy) aka-dark blue shirt, cool leather jacket, construction worker boots.


Body: Ink female (fair)
Mouth: classic (blush)
Nose: soft natural
Eyes: upturned feline (Hickory)
Eyebrows: defined natural
Face: soft heart
Hair: beach wave hair (black)

OUTFIT: goth girl shoes, moon necklace, black dressy crop top, black ridged moto jacket, black leather leggings.

Also: can you make me both the 966x642 and 420x580 covers? So when you make the cover can you do it for both the dimensions?

Background: Can you make it night time? And if you can, could you add the full moon in the background?

Character placement and emotion: can you make Chase look like he’s looking down at sierra and hugging her.
And for sierra, can you make her look like she’s crying but also cuddling up close to chase?

can you have chase facing left and sierra facing right?

Text: can you make the covers have writing that says the title of the story and the author?

NOTE: thank you for reading this request!

ALSO: I haven’t posted this story yet, and it won’t be posted until I’ve finished the first three episodes of my other story and have posted it. So once I finish writing my first three episodes of my first story then I will work on this one and post it. :slight_smile: So it may be a couple weeks until it’s posted. But I’ll let you know when it’s out! Oh and my other story is called “Finding Love”. And again neither stories are out. but the “finding love” one will be out soon!

And if you are going to make me those covers, then thank you for your time!

Like that?

yeah! that’s exactly what she looks like!

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Yeah sorry but there isn’t an upturned feline for boys.

oops sorry I read Sierra’s!

that’s ok, just try your best to get it as close to detail as possible. I’m just glad that you are able to make me a cover! And thank you so much for doing the cover!

No problem! Thank you for requesting!

your welcome! BUT STILL, THANKS A TON!

Here’s the 420 x 580! I’m gonna work on the other one!

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OMG! THAT IS SO BEAUTIFUL! You do an AMAZING job at this! Thank you!

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Here is 966x642 . I’m glad I could help!

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OMGGGGG I FREAKING LOVE THIS!!!:heartpulse::heartpulse: Thank you so much it’s amazing, it was like how I imagined it love it , I’ll 100% give a credit to u in my story, you’re amazing thank you!!!:cupid::cupid::cupid::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

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Thank you so much!! I’m really happy that you loved it :smiley:!

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Thank you SO much! Oh, and I might come back with another request at some point. CAUSE I LOVE YOUR WORK! Bye for now! AND THANK YOU!

Ohhh and btw do you know how to make the background 640x1136 because I would love to insert in my story by giving you a credit!!:sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sob:

Ask whenever you want ! Thank you and I’ll make sure to check out your story!

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Omg thanks to you!! :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse: What is your instagram? (If you have one):heart:

I usually go to canva a free online editing website and i use custom designs and I enter the number I want. Thank you for crediting me! I’ll read your story and drop a fanmail!

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I don’t have an instagram but you can credit my user, SarahBear.

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