I Can Make Cover/Splashes/Watermark/Background Art ♡

I can make cover art for you :smile:

I need to know these things for a cover - if you are confused there is an example below:
1. Title of story
2. Character(s) structure and outfit: (preferred: a picture from you of each individual character)
3. Theme of story:
4. Short summary
5. Colors to use:
6. Colors to avoid:
7. Author’s name and if you want it included in the cover:
8. Limelight/INK/Classic:
9. (Optional) subtitle:
10. (Optional) texture(s):
11. (Optional) specific animation of character(s):
12. (Optional) specific overlay(s):
13. Which cover (there are two options, see below)

1. Title: True Love
2. Character + outfit:
Body=Neutral 01
Brow=Round medium; light brown
Hair=Classic bob; blonde medium
Eyes=Deepset mature; blue aqua
Face=Heart soft
Nose=Grecian soft
Lips=Medium thin; fair rose matte
Top=Crop Jean Jacket Denim Blue Cornflower, Tank Top Cotton White
Bottom=Ankle Lengthtight Green Olive
Shoe=Lace Cape Stiletto Heels Leather Grey Black

3. Theme: Romance
4. Story about two lovers meeting in school.
5. Colors to use: Black, red, white
6 Colors to avoid: Yellow, orange
7. include; abygail.bauman
8. Limelight
9. Subtitle: Love is pain
10. Texture: Water (makes the cover look like water)
11. Specific animation: blush_shy
12. Specific overlay: Rose, guns, ect
13. Normal cover are these:
Big covers are these:

Examples of my covers:

I also make splashes:


And backgrounds:

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Do you make splashes

Could you make a normal cover and small cover for my story that I am writing? I’ll send the details when you con firm…

Thanks so much, I’ll reply with the info in a minute or two.

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  1. Title: The Poor Heiress

  2. Character + outfit
    Brow=medium soft arch
    Hair=Long feathered
    Eyes=upturned bold
    Top=pink beah day tied
    Bottom=high waisted jeans new
    Shoe=black beach day sneakers
    Accessory=maria war medal

  3. Theme: Romance and action

  4. Story about a poor young adult girl who falls in love with the man that is hired to kill her because shes the last heir to a family she has no idea about.

  5. Colors to use: purple, pink blue, and black
    6 Colors to avoid: Yellow, orange

  6. include; Emiese Martinlo

  7. Ink

  8. Texture: old vintage

sorry i took longer than expected, I had to look at all the details on the character’s outfit and apperance…

Thank you. I’ll credit you as well ofc.

Alright thanks for helping me out and message me the covers when you’re done. Take your time , no rush…

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