I can make edited splashes and edits 😊

Heyy, im rlly bored so can anyone give me like an edit or a spash to work on?

I need:
-Pose ( i cant to custom pose. It has to be an episode pose)

  • background
  • character details
  • number of characters
  • outfits
  • any text or extra details?
  • when you need it by.

Thank you! :blob_hearts:


So if your still doing it-

Character - details

Body - Female Athletic (Gold 02)
Brow - Arched Short (Light Brown)
Hair - Long Feathered (Platinum Ice)
Eyes- Female Generic (Violet)
Face - Diamond
Nose- Defined Natural
Lips - Full Heart Pouty Vampire Fangs (Red Garnet Gloss)
Text - This story uses Sound so turn up the volume and under include that there is mature scenes and strong language.

Take all the time you need, I don’t need it any time soon

Yep! I’ll have it done by 2morrow :blob_hearts:

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Outfit - Akiko top outfit - black
silver cuff leggings
choker bow string lace
Ankle ties strappy heels black

Do you have a pose? Or can I do any?

The top doesn’t show… do u mind sending me a pic of it so Ik what it is.

Nvm I think I found it

Let me know if you want anything changing and plz credit me on my insta


You may do any

Thanks so much

I’ll credit you

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Hey lovelies :blob_hearts:

I can make edited pfp/art scenes/covers/spashes/banners ans moodboards.

All i need is:

  • Character details.
    -any text?
    -anything extra?



Thank you! :blob_hearts: :blush:


Your covers are amazing!!! :revolving_hearts: Would you be able to do me one for my new story? :revolving_hearts:

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Yes :hugs:

I need your deets,background,text, and if theirs anything extra to add x

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I want a art scene can you make please

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Can I dm you the deets? :revolving_hearts:

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Yes :hugs:

Yes i can make an edited art scene for you just send me rhe deets,background or any other things you want added and poses x

Can I send you on instagram

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Yep my ig is

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I womt be active till 2morrow im afriad but i will do your request dont worry x

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