I can make perfect cover arts for you


I am willing to making cover arts for your story.
If you are interested just give me the title and the description about your story and your expectations.


Any examples to show?


Okay just give me some topic i will send you soon


I add my cover art at the top😇


Wow … This one is beautiful
I sent you a request via email


I think this cover art is perfect for your story. If you don’t like this just inform me😇


And one thing, your story description is really cute.


OMG!!! This is the best
You are very talented… Thank you so very much xoxo


Thank you so much!
That’s really happy to hear. If you need any help just ask me. I’m always here to help you😇


Thank you…


Title: Orange
Desp: Melody describes her as an orange. A sweet-sour life with a bit of a bump. She is trying to find herself when she falls into depression, will she grow into a healthy orange again?


I am so happy because you love my covers. OK I will help you to make a perfect cover for you. Just send me your story description and author name. Follow me on instagram karthi_episode_covers to see more post.


JellyQueen as author.




this is fabulursssssssss


Can you make a big version?


I requestedddd through your email!




Great cover arts!


I forgot to add their hairs and the author name. layered hair for female, and cropped short hair for the male. Author name is Blank_Memories. Sorry for the inconvenience