I can make perfect cover arts for you

I requestedddd through your email!

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Great cover arts!

I forgot to add their hairs and the author name. layered hair for female, and cropped short hair for the male. Author name is Blank_Memories. Sorry for the inconvenience

You can’t use copyright material for covers eg (your orange cover example)
Episode will reject it.

I requested though email

It’s from a book called Exposé 10 master artists.

And Episode do exactly what I did and google search images to see who they belong to.

I just asked my brother to make a cover for orange because I am so busy in my exams​:weary: I don’t know what happened​:confused:. He is just a lazy boy :rage:

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And thanks for your information. I will discus my bro about this😎

And one more thing episode will accept the covers if they liked the quality of the image😆

Not if it’s copyright. Quality has nothing to do with them accepting it.
Not sure why you’re pretending to blame your brother for your mistake. All the covers on your Instagram are from someone else’s hard work all you’ve done is put text over it. I don’t think that is right at all.


Can u make me one like an agent, my story name is Untold Darkness.

Hi. I am the one who requested the orange cover and it got accepted.

@Trinady @Cass @Liz how do copyright images with text slapped on it get approved when commissioned work gets declined?

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I have n idea

It doesn’t look like your character because she is using copyright material to make her covers.

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