I can make some splashes

Hey guys, I’m sorta new at making splashes and i would like to be able to get better at it.

Here are some examples

(1st one for my friends story, she is currently writing)
(2nd one is a character detail)
(3rd one is used in my new and upcoming story)

Request down below what you would like :heart:

(Its in INK and you must credit me for these as they take quite a while to do! :heart: . Thanks)


I’m the first to request :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

May I have a splash with these two characters:

Mocha, Thin Arch, Modern Pompadour (Black), Deepset Piercing (Black), Defined Triangle, Button, Uneven (Mocha)

Olive, Straight (Passion Fruit), Thin Curved (eyebrows), Upturned Bold (brown), Classic (Orange Crush), Soft Natural, Soft Heart.

These are their outfits :wink: :
dylanclothes katieoutfit

Can they hug each other or have him holding onto her but not the rear animations. Kind of like what you have in your 1st example. Except she’s not afraid. She can either be smiling or laughing. It kind of has a romantic vibe. The background could be anything romantic as well.

The text should be fairly big and say “To be continued…”

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