I can make special art scene and covers for your story

If you need a cover art just send me your story descrition, character’s image, @karthi_episode
my email: karthikarain7@gmail.com


hey i would love if you could make some art scenes if you are intreastead pm me: grinning::grinning::grinning:

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okay send me your story main character, description to my email address…:slight_smile:

Hi,I’m Elsa ,I need u to make a cover for my story can I send u my story’s link ,this is my first story before publishing it ,I would love to get a review of it will u read my story n send an honest feedback so that I can decide to publish it or not .N of course I want u to make my story’s cover ,let me know …bye

Okay send me your story link…:laughing:

Here’s the link. http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6372302334066688

I’ll give it a try

Thanks ,I’m kinda new to this community n I have no friends so if u r interested …u can tell.

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Your story was great but I felt that the 1st episode was too short… take a look at it.

Thanks ,I’ll try to make it longer ,actually it was my first episode so …will u make a suitable cover for my story now that u have read it ,u might have got an idea what it’s about ,I know nothing about how to make a cover so I need ur help pls make a cover for my story

Pls make a cover for my story, I don’t want to disturb u but I’m very excited about this one n I want to know if u want to make the cover or not

Oh my god, I love your first art (the baby’s one) :heart_eyes::revolving_hearts:
Could you make it with an adult character?
If yes, just pm me! :blush:
Thanks :grin:

I can…

Pls let me know by when u can finish making the cover .

Karthika will u make a cover for my story .If yes then by when will u complete it .pls let me know

How is it now that you Copy something that isn’t text???

Because i cant remember

Sorry… I can’t understand what are you talking about???

oh sorry sent it to the wrong person

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but would you make that art scenes and two diffrent cover to two diffrent storys???