I can make splashes and covers for you


If you want splashes or covers post pics of the characters you want and what you want the splash or cover to say. I’m new at this so no hate please
Examples of my covers:


You should have examples up in your post


Oops sorry I’ll do that now


Hi can you please make a cover in INK for me called radioactive, its in the forest after a plane crash
Name : Evie
Skin: honey
Eyebrow :seductive arch
Hair : beach wave black
Eyes : round bold hickory
Face :oval
nose: upturned
Lips :classic toffee
Could she also have some kind of tattoos if that is possible <3
Thx XX inky


Sure. I’ll work on it now. Any specific animations you want?


Or specific outfits?


can I have a rude kind of emotion
i.e Eyeroll


something edgy
and Purple


Is this ok?


YEEE BOII this is awesome <3 <3 <3333333