I can make splashes & covers (LL and Ink)

Then by surprise your pregnant have your son name him Remy try to make all things work but he is too young you move on with demetric then chris then Jason all these guys you think you love them almost married twice the recent one actually tried to commit suicide with you in his car and killed your baby with him then you single now trust issues so you write everything cause you have no friends

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Can you put two characters in the splash? @Jules03

What does that mean

Okay I am thinking light for skin tone main character light blue really nice home life she is going to be thin but she will still have curves in my episodes Filipino Puerto Rican mix mother is Filipino but dad is Puerto Rican tall a doctor mother was a dancer and chef she could cook anything when you were born your mom was always. Beautiful unique. olive skin perfect nice curves baby blue eyes long fierce legs eat healthy long red hair straight mom always look younger always dressed nice funny loved life but at night she would change curse God do Santeria and one day it all change my dad eyes were perfect green eye he was a ex model body builder now he is a doctor he just tells me am pregnant but I do not know let my doctor is my dad I was told by uncle that mom and dad is gone bury in the grave can I just tell her the truth please forgive me toya

Like the characters details on episode.

It’s based on my .real life story

Yeah i can , They can be facing each other or looking opposite ways , whatever you want

Do you want a cover or a splash ? If so how many characters on the cover/splash. Answer these questions you don’t have to give me a paragraph , just something i can work with it.
*Skin colour
*Brow style and Colour
*Hair style and Colour
*Eye style and Colour
*Face style
*Nose style
*Lip style and colour
*What colour and style do you want the background
*What should the text say and what style font
*Any other optional features
And also if you want it in INK or LL

Yes another Nigerian :sob::sob:

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Nigerian and Puerto Rican

Am real person am trying open people eyes heart to the lost and broken people remind them of God promises am waiting to sharing the wordof God and his promises am amazed of how God has used my life

Could you check out my request-post?:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heartbeat:

I think so

Is it based on a true story?


Oh well I’m very sorry for whoever that happened to I understand their pain Its happened to me before I hope God blesses you or whoever that happened to

Character 1:
*Female/Male: Female
*Skin colour: Copper 07
*Brow style and Colour: Arched Thin/Black Dark
*Hair style and Colour: Long Braided/Black Dark
*Eye style and Colour: Female Generic/Brown Dark
*Face style: Diamond
*Nose style: Pointed Downturned
*Lip style and colour: Full Heart Pouty/ Neutral Medium Nude Gloss
*Clothes: LL%20Outfit%20Raveness
*What colour and style do you want the background: yellow with sparkles in the background
*What should the text say and what style font: Turn up your volume!/ Alex Brush Font

Character 2:
*Female/Male: Female
*Skin colour: Copper 03
*Brow style and Colour: Arched Natural/Black Dark
*Hair style and Colour: Long Straight Loose Solid/Chestnut Brown
*Eye style and Colour: Deepset Downturned/Green Emerald
*Face style: Diamond
*Nose style: Defined Natural
*Lip style and colour: Full Heart Pouty/ Fair Rose Matte
*Clothes: Crystal%20Outfit%20LL

I want them on each side looking at each other, please. ^^

Should be done soon , What animation do you want on the people?

Yeah i’ll look now and see what i can do

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1st character: laugh_giggle_pose

2nd character: selfie_pose