I can make splashes & covers (LL and Ink)

Could you check out my request-post?:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heartbeat:

I think so

Is it based on a true story?


Oh well I’m very sorry for whoever that happened to I understand their pain Its happened to me before I hope God blesses you or whoever that happened to

Character 1:
*Female/Male: Female
*Skin colour: Copper 07
*Brow style and Colour: Arched Thin/Black Dark
*Hair style and Colour: Long Braided/Black Dark
*Eye style and Colour: Female Generic/Brown Dark
*Face style: Diamond
*Nose style: Pointed Downturned
*Lip style and colour: Full Heart Pouty/ Neutral Medium Nude Gloss
*Clothes: LL%20Outfit%20Raveness
*What colour and style do you want the background: yellow with sparkles in the background
*What should the text say and what style font: Turn up your volume!/ Alex Brush Font

Character 2:
*Female/Male: Female
*Skin colour: Copper 03
*Brow style and Colour: Arched Natural/Black Dark
*Hair style and Colour: Long Straight Loose Solid/Chestnut Brown
*Eye style and Colour: Deepset Downturned/Green Emerald
*Face style: Diamond
*Nose style: Defined Natural
*Lip style and colour: Full Heart Pouty/ Fair Rose Matte
*Clothes: Crystal%20Outfit%20LL

I want them on each side looking at each other, please. ^^

Should be done soon , What animation do you want on the people?

Yeah i’ll look now and see what i can do

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1st character: laugh_giggle_pose

2nd character: selfie_pose