I can make you a character card!


Does anyone want a character card?

Just provide:

  1. the deets
  2. the pose
  3. the bg
  4. fonts (if you want)
  5. and a positive attitude
Some of my examples

Lots of :blue_heart:



Hi um I am very interested let me get the photos and I will get back to you

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Can you please make the first one have the dance_drop it

Can you please make the second one do flirt_wink

Any background is fine for both but please make it edgy

Can you also make it look steamy please and thank you

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Could you please provide the deets for the characters. And also, what are their names?

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The details for the first image are:

Name - Kaylee

Body - tan

Brow - defined natural

Hair - fishtail braded

Hair Color - Grey

Eyes - round bold

Eye color - green

Face - soft heart

Nose - Upturned

Lips - Classic

Lip Color - Terracotta

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Details for the second image:

Name - Luna

Body - Caramel

Brow - medium soft arch

Hair - Diva curls

Hair Color - charcoal

Eyes - Upturned Luxe

Eye Color - Hickory

Face - oval

Nose - elven

Lips - classic

Lip Color - Taupe

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Thank you :heart:

I’ll have it done as soon as I can!

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Thank you

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Just to make sure the two people could they be on different cards and then have one card they are on together. So three total

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Thank you very much

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Is there an outfit preference??

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Kaylee outfit details:

  • Lace Bustier

  • Red and Black Letterman Jacket

  • Black Shorts Onesie

  • Small Fishnets

  • Key Necklace

  • Ear Piece With Mic

  • Calf Boots Black

Luna outfit details:

  • Steam Punk Corset

  • School Girl Skirt (Black)

  • Calf Boots Black and Red

  • Small fishnets

  • Key Necklace

  • Ear Piece With Mic

Hi can I request something?