I Can Make You A Cover (Closed)


Rules For Cover Making:

  1. Have patience!
  2. No stealing other’s ideas!
  3. You must give credit, or I won’t do covers!
  4. I don’t do splashes, nor backgrounds!
  5. Don’t give hate to others!

Things I Must Know:
-Character Details
-Outfit Details
-Poses If Any
-Any Props
-Title Of Story
-If You Want Your Name On It
-Anything Else You Want
-If It Is A Small Cover Or Large Cover

One Cover I Made:


Can I make a request? It’s for a story that I HAD a cover for, but I changed the name, so… I need a new one.

It was an accident… Sorry.

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Of course! Just tell me the details.

(List of needed things above.)

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Yup! Tell me the details. :3

(List of needed things above.)

Character Details:

Thank you. I’ll get started on it straight away. <3

Just one question, is this for a small cover or a large cover, or both?

You can crop it. Haha. I’ll just do both, and wait for his reply in the morning.

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Small. Thank you.

Alright. Might be done tomorrow. Bless friends! <3

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Thank you.

Is it good? Or do you want me to change it?

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I need to put it in Limelight, LOL.

Holy cow! That is amazing! Thank you so much!

How can I credit you?

Hey, not sure if someone has said this yet but…

I think this topic should be in the Art Resources section?

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Any way you want.

Yeah, it got messed up. I created it on my phone. xd

You never sent me the details for the cover. Do you still need it, or no?