I Can Make You A Cover (Closed)



Rules For Cover Making:

  1. Have patience!
  2. No stealing other’s ideas!
  3. You must give credit, or I won’t do covers!
  4. I don’t do splashes, nor backgrounds!
  5. Don’t give hate to others!

Things I Must Know:
-Character Details
-Outfit Details
-Poses If Any
-Any Props
-Title Of Story
-If You Want Your Name On It
-Anything Else You Want
-If It Is A Small Cover Or Large Cover

One Cover I Made:


hey may i request a large cover for my thriller contest story?


Can I make a request? It’s for a story that I HAD a cover for, but I changed the name, so… I need a new one.


why u reply to me :laughing:


It was an accident… Sorry.


Of course! Just tell me the details.

(List of needed things above.)


Yup! Tell me the details. :3

(List of needed things above.)


oki doki thx <3


Character Details:


Thank you. I’ll get started on it straight away. <3


Just one question, is this for a small cover or a large cover, or both?


im guessing large because of the size of the bg


You can crop it. Haha. I’ll just do both, and wait for his reply in the morning.


Small. Thank you.


Alright. Might be done tomorrow. Bless friends! <3


Thank you.


Is it good? Or do you want me to change it?


I need to put it in Limelight, LOL.


Holy cow! That is amazing! Thank you so much!


How can I credit you?