I can make you a splash!


Hi! I created this thread for people who need splashes for their story! I gave 2 examples, but don’t worry you can ask for something completely different. Read the information below then reply!
Here are the guidelines:

  1. No more than 1 character on the splash
  2. Be patient I will finish it asap!
  3. Give me credit in your story @IDON’TKNOW
  4. Be specific and fill out the form below

Name of your story:
Your account username:
Character: (include facial features, outfit and animation)
Message: (write the message you want to portray to your readers)




hey can you make me one please for a story am writing about a girl robot?


Sure just fill out the form so, I know what to do


Well the girl is a reader customization does it still matter?


Not really, then. What message do you want? (sound or warning) Do you have any background preferences?


a warning type


Okay. I’ll get started on it.




All done! Make sure to credit me in your story @IDON’TKNOW


thanks and of course


Can you make one of Mature Subject Matter for me using this character?

(You can already see skin)
Eyebrows: Male Generic in blackJet
Hair: Short Shaggy in Purple Lilac
Eyes: Male Generic in Green
Face: Diamond Soft
Nose: Round Wide
Lips: Full Heart Natural in Brown Gold


Sure, I’ll get started on it asap!


Thank you.


Here you go. Sorry it took so long! Make sure to credit me in your story!


Thanks! It looks awesome.




Can you please make me one of matter subjet matter , with this character


Sure I’ll do it ASAP


All done! Hope you like it. Make sure to credit me in your story!


Thnx and sure :heartpulse::heartpulse: