I can make you your own personal website!

Hello :upside_down_face: My name is Abygail. I’ve noticed a lot of people want to make websites for their art groups but can’t or don’t know how to. I’ve made two websites, but the first one wasn’t the best quality haha. I’ll leave a link to what I believe to be my impressive website that I made.

I worked by myself on this website and I feel I did it well.
Link: https://abybauman1.wixsite.com/episodeelite2019

I made that website for my art group and I am very proud of it. If you need help, DM me! We can figure things out and I’d be glad to help :heart:


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Bumping this :joy: I’m really bored and would love to help out anyone in need :smile:

hello! your site seems quite fun and cool, can you make me one yours seems cool :slight_smile: its for a psychic thread not art thread :sweat_smile: