I can make your backgrounds! 👑 ~OPEN~


Hey, there Queens. Amani Here!!!

ooh la la. ok ok sorry I’m bored rofl

Ok soooooooo backgrounds



Do not steal my work please :relaxed:

hehe feel free to request cus I’m bored

I need backgrounds!

Requests are open!


These are amazing!
Could you make this better for me?

Or a hole different one as long as it has a swing set and slide in it!
I want like a bench in it and a sand box.


If you want to use that background you can just tack the yellow slide out if you want to give more room. What ever is easier for you! :slight_smile:


ok I will make one. Give me… 20 minutes?


Ok thank you and tack your time. No rush Episode is going to tack like 4 days to approve it! lol :slight_smile:


@Bethany1 your request is complete

Make sure to credit Artistofepi or artist56218 or episode bomb

whichever you wanna credit or all three lol


I love it. I dont like the park episode gives you but I really love this one. Thank you.:blush:


yay!! I’m glad!!!


Could you make me a Bar exterior? The name of the bar is to be The Neptune. You can use dark blues and light blues for the colors if you want too. If you could make an interior version for the Neptune Bar that would be good too?


sure but that I will have done by tomorrow since it takes a bit longer to do something like that lol


That is totally fine, I have to work tomorrow anyway so I won’t be working on my story until after 8pm. Take your time on making them.


Hey a! It’s amazing… i’ll Request when I need to! :slight_smile:


awesome thx claire


I’m going to request one soon… do you just do backgrounds or can you do splashes :joy:


Hehe. Just backgrounds. My Splashes character edits art scenes and covers are closed




That looks awesome! Thank you!


Can you make a night version too?