I can resize your image so you don't have to!


On this thread, I can modify backgrounds to fit your needs.
Stuff like this:

  • make an image big enough to be a background
  • put a filter on an image
  • make an image a JPG or a PNG
  • make an image smaller
  • and other shiz

Some edits take longer than others (they literally take 5 minutes)- but I play 2 different high-intensity rep sports and I have school so…

Anyway, if you want one just…

...do this
  1. Send me the pic of the background

  2. Let me know what you want with it.

  3. Let me know if you want a JPEG, JPG, or PNG.

  4. Due date - optional.


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hi !
so can you please make those backgrounds bigger ?

this one to 1280 x 1136

this one to 1920 x 1136

this one to 1280 x 1136

since i downloaded it from a thread but it wasn’t big enought

i guess it okay :slight_smile: !

Just so u guys know, there is a thing called image re-sizer!

U click dimensions, n then put in the numbers u want it in!


They can do that too, I just created this thread to help people re-size their image in case they had trouble or didn’t know how so or just didn’t feel like doing it.


Here is your request. I had to make the dimensions slightly bigger to keep the same proportions. It won’t make a difference, though.

First image

Second image

Third image

Hope it helped. Let me know if it doesn’t work.

i’ll gonna go check if it work one sec

Ok. Let me know how it goes.

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it working , thank you so much :smiley:

Heh, no problem!

could you put this image as the needed episode background size thank you :slight_smile:
1180 x 640

I’m not sure those are the correct proportions for epi backgrounds.

Isn’t one pannel 640x1300?

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I can still try, though.

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that’s what I meant


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The proportions won’t work when I try to resize it. Would you be okay with me cropping the image??

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Is this good? Kinda struggled with it lmao.

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no problem

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