I can’t choose 😭 (poll) (REPOST)

(The first post came at basically a tie and I’m still undecided ahah) Ugghhhhhh okay so I have two pretty well-developed stories and I can’t choose which one to make. I srsly need help.

1. A very contagious virus from Malaysia that makes people go crazy enters the US. In a matter of minutes, you’re entire life is put on hold. Can you and 5 other teenagers survive the apocalypse, and get to a safe haven in one peace?

2. So basically this story is about a vampire who is really unhappy she wants to be human again, so she kidnaps a human named Ambrosia and steals her mortality with the help of a witch, but the price of this black magic spell is that Ambrosia is given the vampire’s powers and eternal life. The vampire feels that the least she could do is leave Ambrosia in the care of others like her, so she abandons her at the footsteps of a dysfunctional brood of vampires. (Ambrosia is the main character)(Story is pretty dark)

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I pick 1 i dont like vampires

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I picked #2 cause there’s some stories like that already, the second one seems more original.


Fair point :relieved:

I picked one because I would love to read a good story like that! also I don’t like reading stories with vampires, no hate towards you tho

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All good I totally get it I honestly don’t like reading vampire stories that much but I think it’d be a lot of fun making my own :slight_smile:


The second one is very interesting :blush:

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Same for the second one. Majority of the stories in Fantasy section are based on vampires.

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I’d say the first one because there’s a some of apocalypse stories on the app and they’re all really good. I’m sure yours will be too.

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But is it limelight or Ink?

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Thanks :blush:


i don’t really like vampires either but the first one is so cliché, so for that reason i chose number 2 heheh but both are really good!

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Thank you :heart::heart:

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