I can’t code with my iPad

So I recently bought an iPad Air (4th generation) along side the magic keyboard(which is same as the laptop keyboard) and Apple Pencil! When I try to spot direct in the website using the magic keyboard, I can’t ;(
Can anyone help or does anyone has a solution?


request the desktop website if you haven’t done already? i can never highlight things on the portal on my ipad so you may just have to type it out


I think that the coding only works on desktop

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website can too… but like @caitlindrewthis said you need to type it out. as for me, I code with my mobile phone and when I want to change the spot directing I need to go to episode app and change the spot I wanted it to be thennnn screenshot thennnn I type the code given. yup it’s a hard work :slightly_smiling_face: I hope this is what you search for.