I can’t do facial features as i’m a learning artist!

sorry i had to mark it because it took me ages to make and i don’t want it get copyrighted.
also i was wondering if anyone would be able to help by drawing on the facial features for me. btw he is a vampire so he has to have vampire features and she has ivy blue eyes.


Did you use a reference for this? (like a real-life photo) you can use that to try and practice your skills in drawing faces :> just simplify the face details if you are not going for realism

i have a lot on my plate so i won’t be able to help you sadly ;; (even if I am available, my style won’t fit since I am more on the cartoony-anime style)
and also try to specify what is ‘ivy blue’ eyes since I dont think i’ve heard of that ;;

i menu icy blue :joy: