I can’t find a book on episode, help?

Lately I remembered this book, and I went to go find it but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I don’t know the author nor the title but I remember heaps of the book. It’s fiction it has fae’s which is a type of fairy and it has normal humans. The main character is a human in which her detective boss sets her up and her best friend into this house of a dark fae, she fails the task and realises it was a setup for her to start working with the dark fae. Pretty much she starts working with them and she has a dark past. Her mother and father were killed by fae. Her ex boyfriend pretended to die and became a vampire and so on, does anyone know this story? Or what happened to it? I would very much like to know! Thank you x
Btw it’s not in my favourite books anymore.

Wow, sounds very similar to the show ‘Lost Girl.’

Was it called Fallen Fae? I’ve seen that story floating around Instagram.

I have searched episode, there is no story under, ‘Fallen fae,’ thank you for your help though.

It was called fallen fae, apparently it was taken down. The author, @klaneso on Instagram has wrote, ‘rip fallen fae.’ In her Instagram bio. Low key really upset about it as it was a good book, but thank you for helping me find out what happened to it. Xx

Maybe it was taken down because it was very similar to this (like very eerily similar) :thinking: Can’t say much on this as I haven’t read Fallen Fae or watched the Lost Girl but maybe that was the case :sweat_smile:

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Heyo! Author here!

I’ve never heard of Lost Girl (Australian here, with only Australian netflix :woman_facepalming:), but if the storyline was anything like Fallen Fae then I’m sure I’d love it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hey lovely!!

The story you’re looking for was called “Fallen Fae” my story that has since been removed by episode unfortunately.

I’m looking at re-writing it in the future, closer in accordance with Episode guidelines.

I shared a few posts on my Instagram telling the story of what Syn really is (hint: it’s not a witch, or a human!). If you head over there you can have a little bit of closure and learn what she was, and how Ryder/ Ristan found out!!

I’ve also, since then, released a new story called “The Otherworld” where one of the love interests is Ristan’s brother!

Thank you for your love and support with Fallen Fae. I’m really grateful, and I’m so sorry that it’s gone! :heart: