I can’t find a story I really liked... please help me

I could really use some help,…there was this story that I really liked, it was in my favorites list and I even have went back to reread it. I went back to reread it, but it disappeared from my favorites list along with some other really good stories I read. I never memorized the author’s name or title and I can’t find the story at all. If this story plot sounds familiar, please let me know: Earth has become a magical planet where creatures can battle for their ranks, the main guy character is the son of Lucifer, the main girl character is the last remaining dragon, she goes to the King because she reached a high rank, he happens to be her uncle, he wants to procreate with her to save their species but she’s obviously like hell nah, to better her powers she starts training with the son of Lucifer, she finds out he was the reason for her species extinction, she doesn’t care… and yeah that’s about it.

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I know what story you’re talking about. The author of that story was banned from Episode, so all her stories got removed as well. That’s why you can’t find them anymore.


Oh that is unfortunate! But thank you so much for informing me! I was wondering why I couldn’t find it it my favorites list but now it makes sense.

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